Rules & Regulations

1. Attendance:-

  1. No one is entitled to be marked present, except in case of bonafide attendance, and good behavior during the period.

  2. Late-comers may be marked absent.

  3. Every student is required to attend 70% of the lectures tutorials and moots arranged for class. Absence shall entail a fine of Rs. 10/- on each occasion. No credit in this behalf will be given to one’s participation in sports, debates and other extramural activities.

  4. The Principal may drop any student from the roll of the College if he fails to attend at least 70% of the lectures delivered in any month and has no satisfactory explanation to offer.

  5. Any student who absents himself from the class without proper sanction for a continuous period of 14 days, excluding holidays, shall automatically stand dropped from the roll of the college, on the 15th day of such absence, unless the cause of absence is explained to the satisfaction of the Principal, in which case the student may be re-admitted within 10 days, after his being dropped from the roll. The term “class” will include lectures, tutorials, seminars and discussions, duly notified by the College, to be held during and academic term or session.

  6. Before leaving the station, at the close of the session, a student should ascertain if he has completed the required percentage of attendance, to enable him to appear in the examination. The percentage of lectures required is 70% in aggregate. It is also obligatory that the candidate must have attended two third of the Tutorial Meeting and Law Moots combined.

2. Leave Regulations:-

  1. Absence without leave from Tutorial Meeting and Law Moots is punishable with fine.

  2. In case of sick leave, students are advised to submit medical certificates, as the same might benefit them under the rules relating to condone of deficiency in attendance.

  3. Leave application are to be left with the Office Superintendent, who will place them before the Principal for orders, in due course of time.

3. College Discipline:-

A disciplined and healthy environment always inspires man to hard work which, in the long run reflects upon his patterns of life. Valuing this consideration, Himayat-i-Islam Law College not only aims at creating a highly disciplined environment within its campus but also endeavor to inculcate it in the minds of its students so that their personalities be decorated in a very pleasant and manner.

The students are required to observe the College discipline in the following manner:

  1. The use of cell phone is prohibited in class room during the lectures.

  2. Students shall not create any disturbance, nuisance or loiter about during class timing.

  3. Students shall not engage themselves in activities which tantamount to misconduct.

  4. Campus is a not-smoking area and smoking thereof, is strictly prohibited within campus.

  5. Students are required to observe class timings. Any student who comes late will be marked absent for purpose of the relevant class.

  6. No leave will be sanctioned without a prior application and a fine or rupees 10 per lecture and 30 per day will be imposed for absence without prior leave.

  7. Students are expected to preserve the Identity Cards supplied to them, if an Identity Card is lost, the students concerned must immediately apply for duplicate, which will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/- with the sanction of the Principal. Students may be required to produce their cards any time during College hours.

4. Library:-

The Students should observe the following rules for use of Library:

  1. Library card shall be issued to each student. The loss of the card must immediately be reported to the Librarian, in order to ensure that no book is issued further on such card. Duplicate one will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/-.

  2. A students can borrow only two volumes at one time.

  3. Books will be issued for a period of two weeks only.

  4. Reference books are available for use only in the Library.

  5. Borrowers not returning the books after two weeks shall be liable to a fine of Rs. 10/- per day, per volume.

  6. A library book shall not be marked, torn underlined or damaged by the reader, otherwise he / she will be liable to replace it, or if so required to pay for such books.

  7. No periodical, magazine or newspaper shall be removed from the Library.

  8. All books borrowed from the library will be returned before issue of University Roll Number by the college office.

Computer Lab

A Computer Lab has been setup in the College with an internet connection.
Students may use the Computer after informing their names and Roll Nos. to the Lab Incharge.

Co-curricular Activites

While full efforts are made to achieve an excellent standard of education in the college, necessary arrangements are also made to provide adequate opportunities to the students to engage them in co-curricular activities during their stay in the college, so that a personality well equipped with all practical qualities is developed in them.
Extensive arrangements are made by the college to promote co-curricular activities amongst the students.