About Us

Royal Group of Law Colleges owns the largest legal education network across Punjab. The Group own various law colleges affiliated with different universities. We provide the top quality legal education with the tradition of diversity, innovation and opportunity. We focus on theory, philosophy and practice. We have a balanced faculty which consists of foreign qualified and leading practicing lawyers as well as retired judges in the faculty.

Our Mission

To impart quality education in law that meets the needs of those aspiring to be great lawyers. To strive for student progress, preparing them to be leaders in their profession and to think globally but act locally. To promote scholarly achievements and reach the topmost running in the university.

Main Campus Picture

What We Do

We are committed to transform the lives of our students, faculty members and the staff by providing them all a great learning experience.

Our Values

We believe on the following values that make the Royal Group of Law Colleges a place where all can feel a sense of pride and achievement:

  • Leadership

    We serve our communities by leading as passionate, tireless, and ethical advocates who understand the immense responsibilities of the profession and the law’s ability to affect society.

  • Insight

    We promote intellectual and professional excellence, academic freedom, and the pursuit of ideas and understanding.

  • Inclusion

    We strive to be an inclusive and supportive law school that welcomes and respects the diverse perspectives, experiences, and contributions of each member of our community.

  • Community

    We create a culture that fosters lifelong connections, promotes giving back to the Law School, and inspires our graduates to make positive contributions to their communities throughout their professional lives.

  • Progress

    We continue to be a leader in legal education by delivering a forward-thinking curriculum and producing meaningful research, constantly seeking to move beyond the status quo to improve our communities, the law, and the world.