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Chaudhary Zahid Bashir

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Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhary

Chairmen's Message

It had always been our dream to build up the institutions of legal education that can create not just the law graduates but the experts and free thinkers having thirst for knowledge and truth.

The future of our country depends upon the type of education we offer to our new generation. Legal education is the need of the day to build up our future life. Alhamdolillah, Royal Group of Law Colleges is known as the provider of best legal education in Pakistan. We believe that our graduates are equipped with professional skills and are ready to face the challenges of practical life with confidence.

Our ambition is not only to become the best institution of legal education in Punjab but also in the whole country. Thus, though we have attained some notable success in the past, yet our quest for perfection in the field of legal education will never ever stop. In the end, to the new entrants to our Colleges, may we emphasize upon them that success seldom comes of its own. It has to be earned.

So our advice to them is that they should enter the portals of this house of learning with a determined will and steadfast pursuit that infact will be the key to their larger success here and in the rest of their lives.